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Motorized Decoys


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Ok, Ive never used a MoJo or anything like it before, but bought one today. 85% off, couldnt pass it up. Never had trouble without one. But my question is how do use them?

The placement is what im talking about. The 2 main places I hunt I use the "j" formation on my decoys. If not the "j", I put out 2 groups, each 9 decoys about 10yds apart in what I call "duck parties" and the ducks usually land between me and the decoys. Where would my mojo go? Ive been told ducks wont fly over other ducks to land?

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Well I would put the MOJO where the ducks typically land at those spots with those spreads. I normally run one but in the late season I run two. What I have noticed is the spinner doesnt always bring them in locked up but it will buy one more pass and they nomally come back or one more look. Good Luck. Hope this helps.

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We only use Mojo's for diver hunting on the open water. It works suprisingly well. A good rule of thumb I like to keep in mind when using a Mojo, is to keep it upwind of the spread. Snow geese are the only waterfowl to my knowledge that will land over a moving decoy. By keeping the mojo out of the target zone, it will attract the attention of the birds but they may not necessarily focus on it when landing. It peaks their interest for long enough, but not too long as to scare them away from a strange robo duck cousin. A remote would also be a good suggestion if you got the Mojo for so cheap...maybe a $50 purchase. And if you're hunting honkers, leave it at home. In my experience they want nothing to do with it. Hope this helps also.

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