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Benelli Sport II Chokes

Plain O'Dude

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I have been shooting my Sport II now for about 4 months and absolutely love the gun except for the chokes. Being on the older side and close up vision problems, I have a heck of a time reading the writing on the CrioChoke tubes. A color ring used by many of the other manufacturers would have been nice. Anyone else that has had this problem come up with a good solution?

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doesn't the Sport II chokes have notches on them???


Full has 1 *

IM 2 **

M 3 ***

IC 4 ****

C 5 *****


if they do have the notches, like benelli and browning, it is a quick and easy way to id the tube even when its in the barrle.


hope it helps


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Plain O Dude,


have you considered buying after market tubes??


all of mine have the size written on the extention in bold print like "LM"


check out www.briley.com

they also have tubes with colored bands on them.

you may want to give them a call if your inertrested because i dont think anyone makes tubes for the crio system yet.

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You only want solutions - no comments.....


Ok here's one solution - wear glasses!


Briley is making tubes for the Sport II on a special order basis, but it seems sorta dumb to buy new ones with color rings when you have perfectly good factory tubes now.


My solution would be to send all the factory tubes to Briley and have them engraved in big letters with the choke size. That shouldn't cost too much and I bet they will do it cheap.


Briley is a neat company.


mudhen - CA

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just a thought here ...


Take a droplet of paint or nail polish and place it on the knurling of the tubes.

- use a tooth pick or something thin.

- before it sets blow on the droplet to spread it through the knurling and then let set-up.

- a different color for each tube.

- as you go make a 'legend' of which color is on each tube.


- if need be you can always remove it with a stiff bristled brush and a cutting solution.

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It is a free board and anyone can make any comments they want, but I am specifically looking for ideas.


I am already wearing shooting glasses which makes it a pain to change to reading glasses, I have tried that. Even with the reading glasses, the engraving is difficult to read. It is the only thing I'm not happy with on this gun.


Now, the paint idea is interesting and something I had thought about. My worry was whether the paint would hold up to the heat. I have not inspected any of the other manufacturer's chokes that are color coded. Is the color ring painted on or is it some type of plastic or polymer that is applied (sort of like heat shrink tubing)?


Another thought I had was different colored rubber bands, but again worried about the heat and having them melt.


Has anyone tried either one? I'm not too excited about the idea of even a few drops of paint or melted rubber running down the barrel of the gun.


Thanks for the ideas and the comments so far...

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the briley tubes are like an anodized metal sheet around the tube so the color can not come off and the size of the tube is clearly written in bold print on the extended portion of the tube like "IC".

i have a few of the X2's and even they have the bold print on them.




good luck

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