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Carrier Comp Production Status??


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Hi Folks


Anyone heard from Kip lately? The last status on his website is from June 5th. I've sent him a couple emails but haven't gotten a response yet. I placed an order on June 2nd and am just trying to find out what his production time is currently running.


I've gotten the impression that his production time is somewhat lengthy?? Anyone know what the norm is for mag tubes?


I'm not mad...just anxious :D



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Guest cleefurd
Thanks!...and I'm guessing there's a typo in his status and he means that orders by June 14 will be honored by July 16 (not June 16).




Bad news 1st;

That was not a typo, stating the orders "should" ship by June 16 was a best case scenario (I mis-calculated:o).


Good news;

All orders through today will ship this Saturday (prior to July 16) before our last leg of business trips that were delayed.


This puts most orders ahead of schedule, while the early June ones will be shipping a week or so later than originally projected.


L84Cabo, I will try to return your call this week to cover anything I may have missed here. Thank you again for your order, it is deeply appreciated.

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why do people buy stuff from Cleetus and then ask when its gonna show up??:rolleyes: We "ALL" know he's busier than a 3 peckered puppy making sh-t for us!! and We "ALL" know it may take a little time, just wait it'll show up!!;) Do your customers bug the cr-p out of you for whatever you provide for them??

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