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Take the Vinci Challenge and Win Prizes


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Just got this in an email from Benelli.



Take the “Vinci Challenge!”

The innovative modular design of Benelli’s revolutionary new Vinci makes it the world’s easiest shotgun to assemble and disassemble. Now Benelli challenges Vinci owners and fans to see how fast it can be done and post their video to the Benelli Official Fan Page. Those that can do it in less than 15 seconds, will win a Benelli Prize Pack.

Go to http://www.benelliusa.com/vinci_challenge/ to learn more about the Vinci Challenge and the exciting selection of prizes.


The Prize Pack will feature products from Benelli, Hunter’s Specialties, Federal Premium Ammunition, Realtree, ThermaCELL and a subscription to one of Intermedia's Shooting magazines (Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, RifleShooter and Handguns). Winners will also be eligible to win even more prizes in a weekly drawing.

Contestant’s videos will appear on the Benelli Official Fan Page and Benelli’s YouTube Channel.

"See if you've got what it takes!" challenged Stephen McKelvain, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Join the Benelli Facebook Fan Page today for more information about the ‘Vinci Challenge,’ and check in regularly to view the latest video uploads!"

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Yah, I got the same email. If I send my video doing the same with my SBEII, wonder if I would win a prize also? Hummm... 15 seconds?.. I would have to be pretty fast trying that with the SBE.

When the guy puts the Vinci back together on the video, he practically has his finger on the trigger.

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I'm not suggesting anything.

I'm just saying that the two are not a completely fair comparison.

If the kid is going to claim a record, then he should do another video using the same technique as the other guy, or at least have the timekeeper give him the go signal.


Too much delay in scoring this way.

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