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WTS - SureFire M4/M1014 Benelli Rail Assembly

Flame Red

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Hey Jacka__lope, why do you feel the need to stomp on someone elses thread??:rolleyes: if you have info on cheaper/ possibly better items, start your own thread!!;) its one thing to call out someone on a high price, but to solicite sales for a different item is just wrong!! did you really think he started this thread so you could pedal your "INFERIOR" KZ rail??

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all im trying to say is, dont post prices and other stuff for sale in someone elses thread. the O.P. could be in bad times and possibly really need the money. and you could have diswayed someone who was sitting on the fence about buying his Surefire rail...;) next time it would be more polite to answer Rockets question in a P.M. just saying...

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No worries - I want whoever buys it to be happy and get the one that is right for them.


The alternatives are well documented on this board with a simple search. Each rail has it's pro's and cons.


Despite our current gooberment draconian policies (keep the change), this country is supposed to enjoy a free market, not a commie/socialist paradise where the elite politicians know what is best for everyone to buy so we have one product that fits all us peasants. So I have no problem with people sharing info - and showing choices - which is the purpose of this board. I don't need this anymore and as I have done many times here, would rather offer a good deal for it and see someone put it to good use as opposed to letting it sit on some closet shelf for 50 years. But if no one wants it, I am either over pricing it, or there are better ones out there making this one obsolete and it will just end up at the dump. Free market works I think. So the buyer will make up their mind what works best for them.


But I digress, so let's keep this thread focused.

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