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How to Clean a Brand New Benelli M4?


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Yesterday, I just picked up my new M4. It is un-assembled still in the box. The gun has dried oil on it from the packaging used at factory to store the gun. What are the best cleaners and oils to use to clean and oil both the interior and exterior of the gun that will not harm the paint finish? Also, are there any tricks that I need to know on assembly that are not in the owners manual and do you guys know if there is any good step by step manual on cleaning and assembly/dissassembly of the M4? All information is very helpful and I appreciate your time.


Thank You,


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I personally favor and use Breakfree CLP for cleaning and lubrication, and TW-25B grease when called for. Keep in mind there are several popular brands available and everyone seems to have their favorite.


Being a new owner of a Benelli M4 I had the same questions about assembly and disassembly recently myself. One member offered this link to the Marines M4 training manual which was very helpful. Between this manual and your Benelli owners manual, you should have everything you need.





Here is a recap of the step-by step that might be helpful.



Field Strip

1. Open Bolt


2. Press Cartridge Drop (Locking) Button


3. Unscrew Fore-end Cap


4. Remove barrel along the Magazine Tube


5. Grip plastic forearms and slide forward


6. Hold the Bolt Handle firmly and press the Carrier Button

(allowing the bolt to move a little way forward until it stops)


7. Twist & pull off the Bolt Handle


8. Remove the Bolt Assembly by pulling it forward



Remove Trigger Group


1. Push out Trigger Pin from the Receiver


2. Press and hold in the Carrier Button and extract the trigger group towards the front



Bolt Disassembly



1. Place finger over Firing Pin and remove Firing Pin Retaining Pin


2. Remove firing Pin and Firing Pin Spring


3. Lift or shake Cam Pin from Bolt


4. Remove Bolt Head from Bolt Carrier



1. Remove choke, clean, oil, replace


2. Clean Barrel


3. Clean Trigger Group (touch of grease on hammer and sear)


4. Clean Bolt Group



1. Press Carrier Button and hold in while inserting the Trigger Group.


2. Insert Complete Trigger group with cocked hammer on the receiver in a slightly forward position. Then slide it back until it engages into the rear of the receiver. Once it is in place, release the Carrier Button.


3. Slide the Trigger Pin back into place.


4. Hold the Receiver horizontally and slide the Bolt Assembly in its guide on the Receiver.


5. Make sure the Bolt Link slides over the trigger assembly and onto the recoil spring plunger inside the Receiver.


6. Insert Bolt Handle


7. Open the Bolt


8. Press the Cartridge Drop Lever (Bolt Lock)


9. Take the Barrel-Breech Unit, place the Barrel on the Magazine Tube and slide it on toward the Receiver.


Take the Barrel Extension and insert into the Receiver as you make sure the Magazine Tube enters the Barrel Guide Ring. Once barrel is fully seated, screw on the Cap tightly. Close the Bolt by pressing the Carrier Button.

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Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the club. I like you had the same questions and was lost. The manual linked above is a great resource. Print it out and put it in a binder for easy reference. I use breakfree also but going to try some Slip 2000. Get a bore snake as cleaning for me is easier. It is not that hard once you strip it a few times.


Good Luck!

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Check out TW25b lubricant made by Mil-Comm Products. I was turned onto it by a US Army Armorer friend of mine. It has very good lubricating properties and thick so it stays where it is supposed to. My M4 cycles smooth and has NEVER failed to cycle properly since I started using this stuff.




http://www.sightm1911.com/lib/review/mil-comm_users.htm (Review)

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Personally, I like Militec-1.. http://www.militec1.com/ this lube works best when the weapon gets hot. It seeps into the "pores" of the metal and keeps it lubed up. It doesnt "gum up", and its easly to clean with normal solvents. I used it when I was in the sand box, and never had any issues! If its good for a war, its good for my personal weapons..

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