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Cleaning M4 Chrome Lined Barrel


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Is there any certain steps involved in cleaning a Benelli M4 chrome lined barrel? What do you guys thinks is the best and safest products to use such as solvents,oils,cleaning kits, and bore snakes? Is Hoppes #9 safe on chrome lined barrels? I have read about Hoppes #9 Semi-Automatic has anyone used this and if so is it better to use than Hoppes#9 on the M4?




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Any product on the market, unless specifically stated otherwise, is safe for chrome lined barrels.


You want the best?




Mind you, using KG 1-12 is complete and utter overkill for any shotgun, bordering on mild insanity and the downright absolute waste of product.


A smooth bore shotgun won't know the difference between a barrel that was cleaned 10 rounds ago and a barrel that was cleaned 5000 rounds ago ... ask me how I know.


As with most quality modern weapons, lubrication is 10x as important as being white glove clean.

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Only problem area is where the crimp opens up and leaves plastic residue inside barrel and other than that just a simple oil patch/mop run down the barell on occasion is all that is needed! I use those long fuzzy mops on my range gun, OU Citori and it's quick and easy but the plastic comes off without much effort and a little solvent to the affected area with light scrubbing!

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