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Originally posted by turkey:

Hey Tucker, Mudhen or anyone else in the know. I've been waiting for a S.B.E. II. However, I found a S.B.E. I today in camo for 949.00. Seems like a good deal. Is the S.B.E. II really $500.00 better or should I grab this before it gets away?

:D I would get the SBE II, because out here they are only $1199. and you might as well pay a lil more for a new shotgun that have imporvements.
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If I read correctly, you're saying there's $500 difference between the SBEII you've ordered and the SBE available now.


I've never owned the SBE I, but $500 is a good bit of change.

I'd seriously consider it.

The SBE's haven't come down as much as I would have expected them to, so there's evidence that there's still a strong demand for them.


Check gunbroker.com and auctionarms.com before committing. Sometimes, there are some good deals on there.


Maybe Commando will sell you an SBEII for $1,199.

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I've not seen an sbe II in a store around here since last fall. Some dealers have told me they can order them but they were talking around $1400.00+. I keep checking from time to time but haven't seen one in stock in quite some time....except for a black one with a crooked vent rib and off-center sights that has been on the shelf since last fall. I just noticed this sbeI yesterday and thought it might be a good deal. Perhaps I'd be better off ordering a sbeII. Just wanted to hear from some of you who had experience with both models.

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No reason to order one from a dealer who has no idea when the next boatload comes in.


Just a sampling.

Some of these are opening bid prices.


Timber 24 - $1240


Atlantic Flyway Edition - $1,500


MAX-4 28 - $1310 - $1495


MAX-4 26 - $1,325


HD 26 - $1,000?


HD 24 - $750?



These prices are firm....

24" MAX-4 - $975


24 or 26" Timber - $1399


MAX-4 26" - $1399


MAX-4 28" - $1399


Many, many more on GunsAmerica.


NRA - Gun Laws by State


Find a Transfer Dealer by Zip Code

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