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Benelli M2 tactical with no comfortec stock kicks like mule help!

Slugger D

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I've owned and enjoyably shot some very hard recoiling hand guns a big bore rifles but this M2 t with Normal stock is just plain no fun to shoot, Im 6-3" 280 and this is the first gun I've been sore after shooting, wth can I do to fix this? More weight? Better stock? Oh Yeah I'm shooting 3" magnum stuff which is what I shoot a lot of outa my 870 ty

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I was planning on getting an urbino stock and a tube extension and a rail/shell holder and at the same time adding a wolf heavy spring but I am wondering if I really should get an M4 instead, I heard they are softer shooting, I have a 3.5" 870 that bruises me enough, never had a 3" gun do that!ty

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My M4 has alot less recoil than my M2 tactical. I think its because its inertia driven and its really light compared to the M4. Thats why I only shoot 2 3/4 shells in the M2 tactical now. 2 3/4 slugs, 00 and 000 buck kick alot more than you would think. Winchester AA super handicap works the best for me when its comes to high volume clay shooting. I can shoot about 100 before my shoulder gets really bruised. If you want to shoot 3 inch with less recoil get an M4 or get a SBE so you can use 3 1/2!

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