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Why the WSMs ????


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Wrong caliber, never went to Nam' the word you are grasping for is UNERTL. Wanna try again ? How about the scope model too ?


Couldn't get the second cartridge or rifle either we ALL see..


Nice 1800s air rifle, I doubt you own it though.


About the bet ????? waiting LOL!


When you are in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. You might want to toss the shovel out and climb after it.


Do you even know what Gump said about being dumb ?


Try naming this one .... this is just too easy!



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As with UNERTL, the word he was grasping for is Ambiguity . Those of us with 18 years of formal education (including a BA in English literature) don't need to google words we learned in 8th grade.

Now if you want to talk money or statistics I can help you out with my MBA in Finance & Accounting.


Your GED was in what ? Beehive lamp turning ? Or were you too busy Jew baiting ?


Now first of all it's not a 1900s revolver but I do own it, unlike the airgun that you copied from some auction catalog.


Second .... about the bet you chickened out on, I took the rifle and scope you COULD NOT identify, a 1948 Winchester Model 70 Bull Gun in 300 H&H wearing a 2" UNERTL Ultra Varmint 15X scope out to the range today. Had a box of Federal Premium hunting ammo around (180 gr TSX at 3000 in the 28" barrel) (you didn't know that either) and shot a 5 shot group, cold bore at 300 yards. Four were in two inches, the fith (first) opened the group to 3" on extremes. Have no doubt with some work and 185 or 210 Bergers I could cut it to 1/2 MOA. You gonna put up or shut up, Mr. Expert ? Who is laughing now eh ?????


BTW the revolver is a 1926 factory lettered Colt New Service Flat Top Target in 45 Colt (not Long Colt as an ignoramus such as you would call it) and it's worth about three Benelli R1s that you claim to be such an expert on.


Now you want to keep trying on the cartridge and rifle that totally eclipses your 22-250 popgun or do I need to tell you that too?


Now let's toss in another to further test your room temp I.Q. ......




Is there no charitable soul out there who will advise this dolt to stop digging the hole to China ?

Edited by nightforce
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Second .... about the bet


That should be "Secondly," Mr. BA. :D


I don't know how much your folks paid for those degrees, but they may want to see about applying for a refund.




Did you seriously expect anyone to glean to the caliber of the M70 from your awful little photo?


And, no I didn't say that particular rifle was used in Vietnam. That series was used in Vietnam in 30-06 as a sniper rifle. The Remington 700 in .308 was the other Vietnam era sniper rifle.

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Are you really this uneducated ?


The 1900s were 1900 to 1909

The Nineteen Teens were 1910 to 1919

The Nineteen Twenties were 1920 to 1929

The Nineteen Thiirties were 1930 to 1939 and so on.


The Colt in question you COULD NOT IDENTIFY (ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER GUNS) was made in the 1920s .... DUH, known to those with some reading beyond Mad magazine as "The Roaring Twenties" and I'm sure you have no idea where that moniker came from either.


You must be a victim of the post 1960 educational system! A Gump poster child!


Now ABOUT THE BET .... still hiding under your desk ? This is like an azz kicking contest against a one legged man! LOL X 10

Edited by nightforce
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I think we're done, as dealing with a room temp I/Q. fool, who appears to think he owns the site, is obviously a waste of time.

6900 posts in 6 years ! .... you really gotta get a life.


Amazing he knows more than those who do it for a living:




BTW got my 300 REAL WinMag so the silly 270 WSM will soon be "on the block".



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Mr. Tucker, I got the irony in your message the first time and agree for the most part with your position. I bow hunt for the challenge as do many others I know. Every hunter should know their limits and should not shoot a firearm at an animal without a high degree of confidence in making a safe efficient kill shot. For some and in some conditions, that may be 100 yards. For others that may be 400 yards. I also agree with Mr Nightforce on the meaning of hunting. Hunting and shooting are not the same thing. For me, it does not feel like hunting until I work to get close if possible. But thats me.

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