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M1 or M2


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Get the M1 and save your money.


The only difference between the two guns is the comfort fit stock and I don't know if the tack comes with it. A stainless steel recoil spring instead of a steel one, which is only a little helpful if you hunt the gun in tough conditions, but if your gun gets that wet you should clean the spring anyway. Also the chrio barrel and chokes which I have heard don't make that big of a difference.


Go with the M1. For home defense you might consider an 870 pump but if you want an auto go with the benelli.


Good luck 750 is a fair price.


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Another M1 Super90 question (this is my first BEnelli product!)...


It came with a sidesaddle shell carrier, which I wanted to remove...After removing it, I realized that the Sidesaddle must have come with an aftermarket Trigger Group Stop Plug/Pin (the one that is a 3/32 allen head on one side)...With the SS removed, there are threads protruding beyond the surface of the receiver...Not an option.


Anyone know where to get the STOCK lengh one? Brownell's? Or do I contact Benelli for this part?


Whaddya think?





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