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How to mount a light on a Benelli M4.

Emotional Shayari

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Hi guys


I have a stock M4, and I am looking to add a tactical light system - I'd rather not pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement rail system, as it's overkill for what I need. I can't imagine attaching anything else apart from the light (and perhaps a side saddle later).


The main requirement I am looking for is that I can field strip the gun without tools.


Any advice?



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Any advice?


Yes. This sight comes equipped with a search feature. You need no tools to open it, and can be easily accessed with a click of a mouse. Here, let me do it for you. You owe me $3.00. I accept paypal or a money order.




If these search results don't do it for you pm me and I'll link you to more search results for only $2.00 more! :)

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That was kinda harsh!



If you want to be able to field strip without tools, you may need to go with one of the railed fore grips and a light mounted to that, as most the mag / barrel clamps I have seen require tools to remove and restrict you from removing the barrel while they are in place.


I personally went with a surefire m951 mounted to an insight shotgun mount, the m951 and mount don't match exactly since the insight mount isn't to picatinny specs, but it works out just fine and is very secure. Mine needs an allen wrench to remove though...


Here is what mine looks like



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To keep low $$ but be effective, I would suggest the following. NOW. . .I have not run this on my M4. BUT. . I’m trying to give you ideas answering your question within the parameters you listed. I personally am waiting for my Surefire rail to come in and then I'm mounting a Surefire M600 scout light. BUT... here goes for you.

1) RAIL - one of the rails that attaches to your magazine tube and/or barrel. $30-50-ish.

2.1) LIGHT- Streamlight TLR1, can be had for $90-ish, mounts directly to rail(above.)

2.2) LIGHT - You could run a Surefire G2 Nitrolon that can be had for $35.

3.1) LIGHT CLAMP - VLTOR makes a nice clamp, I have one of these on my patrol rifle. The clamps are diameter specific, so whichever flashlight you choose, measure the outer diameter. The clamp mounts on to most any Pic rail.

3.2) No light clamp if using light option 2.1

So I tried to be cost-effective with the options I listed to you. There are certainly many others, but just wanted to give you a ballpark estimate. As for not requiring tools, I think you’ll be challenged to find a Pic-rail that attaches without at least a flat-head screw. I TOTALLY understand how you’d want that feature, and that was a large contributing factor to be going with the Surefire rail.

Hope this helps!


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This mount is simple, solid, and well made. You can use it to mount the light in various positions as well such as 3, 6, or 9 o'clock.




Also, evilbay has a new vendor who is selling very nice looking barrel clamp/rail assemblies, seach Benelli and rail and you will find them.


I would only look at LEDs and honestly, I would only spend hard earned $$$ on Surefire lights.

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