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The ComforTech Recoil pads on the SBE2 and the SuperNova look different on the website, why is that? The pad on the SBE2 is supposed to be form-fitting to the shoulder pocket, and to my understanding thats a big part of the ComforTech system, so why does the pad on the SuperNova look like a regular run of the mill recoil pad?

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It's only $1000 for lifetime membership and that makes you a Benelli Genius. Send me an EMMT and I will look after it for you:D


Just pulling you leg dude... Someone should come along and give you your answer. I would give it to you if I knew it:rolleyes:. You could always call Benelli and ask to be sure.


Welcome to the forum...





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Might want to verify this, but the pads are different but they both pop in. The SBE pad, which also fits the M2, is shaped different in that it has some form to it that suppose to mold to left and right handed shooters. You can get them for left hand or right hand. They will cost around $100. You can get this pads on 3 different lengths of pull.


The Supernova also pops in but it's a flat style pad that is designed for left or right handed shooters. The same pad fits left and right. It is harder and not the quality of the SBE pad (made for a cheaper gun I guess). But, it's still a pretty good pad. They are putting those pads on the SBE and M2 Americans. My friend has one and it's a pretty good pad. These pads are cheaper and one length of pull.


The only thing I'm not sure of is if the pads are interchangable from the two guns.


Hope this helps.



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Jed, you most definitely did help! That was just the answer I was looking for. I was assuming that it was due to the SuperNova being a cheaper weapon like you said, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


As for that 1000 dollar club due, that may have to wait for now. Have to get my priorities in order, that means a new SuperNova is first, then maybe the club further on down the road :rolleyes:

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