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M4 Oversized Safety Installation-Help Needed


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Recently bought a DMW oversized safety for my M4. Didn't come with any instructions whatsoever and I was also unable to find any M4 specific instructions on the net. Can anyone tell me what tools are needed and what has to be done? Hopefully it's an easy swap. So far, the only thing on this shotgun that's been easy to change out has been the CarrierComp picatinny rail. lol

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The roll pin punches I bought from Sears were way too big. I think even a 1/16" punch would have been too big. I wound up making do with a precision screwdriver and a hammer of all things. Anyway, once I got the pin out, I discovered that the M4 doesn't have the part listed as 018A in the photo below. Also, 008A never fell out (though I'm sure it was in there).




Once I got it all wrapped up and put back in there, the DMW safety is badass. Very pleased, though I think they ought to include instructions and a properly sized roll pin punch (I'd pay $10 extra or whatever it is for that).

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Ask and ye shall receive. I just hadn't done it yet cause for one, no one had asked and for two, I've been adding things pretty steadily. Here's what we've got so far...


Benelli M4

CarrierComp Titanium Magazine Tube

CarrierComp Picatinny Rail

Dave's Metal Works Oversized Safety

Aimpoint T-1 red dot sight shipped out from OpticsPlanet.com today (10% off all orders over $100 with coupon code "THANKS" until October 20th!)

Next will be a 3GunGear velcro side saddle, a Mesa Urbino stock (when it comes out), a GG&G bolt release button, a light setup, and a sling of some sort.






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