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WTB Benelli M4


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i noticed that when i point the gun up & down there is a loose rattle sound under the forearm grip. is there something broken ? :confused:


I never even noticed the sound until I took it apart and got it back together the first time. My first thought was "I broke it!" Then I remembered the pistons. :D

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Thanks, Makes me feel a lot better.I was hoping it didn't have to back to the mother ship.I bought it because it looked soooo cool. I'm a HK auto guy of every variation,but know nothing about this.Maybe one more question. What shells (loads-shot)do you advise i break this in with.





Hey Ken,


I recently saw the light as far as HK handguns (.45 USP and thinking about .45 Expert next) My Glocks and XD may be getting dusty


For break in you'll get a lot of answers but just lube it up good and shoot it! I used Remington 00 and slugs


BTW don't forget to accessorize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Hookster :)

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