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SRM Cycling Kit


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looks like it is a new stainless steel tube and spirng for the cycling action (yah, as if that wasn't confusing)


I found them here. Click "products" then click "Stainless Steel Sure Cycle System"




I'm curious about them too. I am not too worried about mine getting rusty, but wondering if it would let my M1 cycle lighter shells?

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hey man,Thanks for the site reference,some after market products are good and some not so good,

SRM site reads vaguely about lighter loads on inertia systems.One would have to call the company to clarify.Sounds like the 25% gain is in reliability not versatilty.Theres seems to be alot of chatter about the recoil spring.Mine has always worked fine on my M1 super 90 and my M1014,same with my partner'sBenellis. Theres nothing wrong with the factory stuff especially if it Ain;t broke.In my experience,cycling problems are usually elsewhere in the system,like owner failure.Lets not forget about money either,this stuff ain't cheap and there research and development is not impressive,buyer beware. Safe Passage your Benelli friend M1014 ;) smile.gif

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I posted this question after reading several threads on different forums asking for advice on cycling problems with the M1. Since posting I see that just above us there is another instance.


I have an M1 Tactical myself and have yet to experience a problem although I wondered if anyone had used one of these things and if so was it beneficial either to help out with an existing problem or just to improve the product.


Interested in all opinions.

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The Sure Cycle System looks like a great addition to a great gun. I view this product as a alternative to proper recoil spring maintenance. Experience with cause and effect cycling problems has me to come to the understanding, the majority of Benelli cycling problems relate to the recoil spring. I have 2 SBE's, 2 M1 Field's and a original H&K imported Montefeltro and regulary do extensive end of the year maintenance on 10 SBE's and 15 M1 Fields. The above statement "If it Ain't broke don't fix it" is great. Many Benelli's have performed well with the factory spring. My Montefeltro went 10 years without cleaning or spring replacement operating perfectly. I do however have 3 M1Fields all with similar serial numbers that began to fail after 1 year of heavy shooting. When the bolt does not close when chambering the second shell, this is when you want to replace your recoil spring. The spring at this point does not have enough force to rotate the bolt into the closed position. This will increase as outside temperature drops. To keep the recoil spring in good operating condition clean it ever year. Gun Scrub and a 20 gauge wire brush works great. Then lube the spring, to prevent corrosion with a synthetic lube. Synthetic will help with congeal at low temperatures. Finally, every gun I own and maintain now has Wolff 25% increase springs. I have found the Wolff spring to perform superior to the original. I do not shoot 7/8 oz. low base shells. Wolff offers a decrease spring as well for these shells. I have found great results with the Wolff hammer spring as well, it puts noticeable deeper dimples on the primer. Hope this helps!

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