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Benelli M1S90 in Action (HD Video)


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Thanks very much for sharing these! Lots of disposable income for college boys! :) A bit different than us busting beer cans in a quarry in the olde days.


Lots of practice is apparent, too, from the results shown. I may have to drag my short barrel M14 out again and see how she does in these scenarios.


I'm curious: What bolt handle is on the Benelli shotgun? The stock handle is shocking small (I'm still shocked USMC accepted it). My other issue is the handle is so far forward I have to dismount the shotgun from my shoulder to work it.


-- Chuck

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Thanks very much for sharing

I'm curious: What bolt handle is on the Benelli shotgun?

-- Chuck


That's a good question - I put it on about 4 years ago and it is circular - shaped like a doorknob. They make them for 1100/87's as well. That might narrow it down a bit.




Apparently I went to the wrong college. Do you get course credit for

the event?:D


Looks like good shootin' all around.


What ammo were you running in the M1A?


We wish! :D


We reload all of our pistol/rifle ammo in house.


It was 40.5gr of WC846 under 150gr M80 ball - CCI Large Rifle Magnum and nickel plated cases so they can be easily found.

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