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Benelli in California


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This really applies to any shotgun but in California can I have my Benelli in my vehicle with rounds in the magazine tube and the chamber empty? Are the laws different for traveling between hunting locations and just traveling? Interpretation of law different between hunting models and tactical models?


Thanks SD

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In short California has the worst Gun Laws almost of any State in the US, open carry loaded will get you jail time in a vehicle i suppose. You have to register them and have only a small window once arriving in California and their idea of a legal firearm is it setting at the Arizona Border in a pile. Their firearms manual is 96 pages long and if going to take any firearm to that state i would suggest getting a copy of it and then set down with a good Lawyer to figure what you can and can't do.:eek:

Link below should confuse you more but could keep you out of jail!

http://www.NRAILA.org/GunLaws/ click on California and then scratch head!:)


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long guns must be carried unloaded, no shells in the tube or chamber. handguns must be carried locked/or in the trunk and unloaded ( none in the chamber but you can have a full mag).

check out Calguns.net for more details on Kali laws.

yup +1 specialy the calguns.net part. are laws are funny but if you understand them like many do at calguns you can still own just about any gun you want leagly.

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