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How do I get replacement parts?


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I have called and "held" waiting for a customer service rep to pick up, and I have left multiple voice messages. Does anyone know the best way to contact the parts department to order a replacement part?



Hi ATL and welcome to the forum.


What parts do you need for which gun?


Numrich has a fairly good supply of Benelli parts




Brownells can be a source as well




Hookster :)

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I also had questions about where to get parts like the tri-rail and telescoping stock for my MR1. I found the tri-rail on Brownells and Numrich, but neither had a part # listing for the stock. They told me to contact Benelli. My experience was the same as ATL ... crickets. I just hope I never have to get warranty work done.


Benelli's note on this forum says not to post CS queries here, but call their (301) number. A lot of good that does if they won't answer. I hope that someone in management monitors this forum and takes some action. I even went as far as contacting the BerettaUSA people, who answer their e-mail and telephones (Benelli is a wholly owned subsidiary). They referred me back to Benelli.


It's too bad that a manufacturer of such quality firearms doesn't operate a better customer service operation. You would expect that when you pay premium prices, you could get better service.

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