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3 Point Sling for a Nova?


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Anybody here running a 3pt sling on a Nova?


I'm using the generic uncle mike's sling which is a two point that can convert to a three point but I'd like to try

something more like what Specter Gear offers:




I am using one of their M1/2/3 slings on my M4 and they are pretty good. However, they don't list one for the Nova/Supernova.


Looking at the above link, do you Benelli/shotgun experts think one of the slings for a mossy 500 or remmy 870 would work on a Nova assuming I ran a tube mount front swivel??? I guess the issue is whether or not the rear attachments would work on a Nova.


Just wondering if anyone has tried something similar.



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Larry Vickers has this to say about 3 points slings; it's kinda funny. Note that he's addressing their use with rifles not shotguns.


"I very rarely see these in classes anymore as I think everyone has gotten the word on them. With an AR style carbine they are about the worst possible choice. They offer none of the advantages of an adjustable two point with almost every negative in the book. They tend to hang up on kit big time. For a right hander they can interfere with controls and for a left hander they interfere with ejection. If you are standing around with no body armor on they may be cool (I don’t think so) but with any gear on shooters quickly figure out they are lame beyond belief. Like I said fortunately most people have gotten the word on three point slings so they are scarce in the circles I run in."


Not every piece of equipment is going to be perfect for everyone, so your mileage may vary.

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For those interested in running a 3pt on a Nova, here is how I went about it.


I ordered a Specter Gear 3pt for a Mossberg 500. The kit comes with a sling plate to use with the Mossberg tube which I did not use. The Remington 870 and Mossberg 590 version would probably also work.


For the front attachment, I used a Nordic Components mag clamp with picatinny rail. The NC clamp requires some care when mounting on a Benelli extension as it has a cut out for a Benelli clamp but it's no big deal. Then I just mounted up a generic sling swivel that mounts on picatinny rails. I plan on switching over to a GGG Sling Thing with HD QD swivel.


Here is what it looks like:









In hindsight I should've just ordered this for the front:


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