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Build an AR-10 instead smile.gif


Nah, I think the socom II's look awesome.


Not sure I'd ever buy one though. Although gun dealers are notoriously full of shiit, I found it a bit odd when 3 different dealers all stated that the socom II's won't group very well.


In my mind, a 308 is a caliber that demands a well grouping rifle, so I would definitely have to further investigate that before I bought anything.


Heck, if you buy one, let me know how it shoots.

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First ... I am in no way a religious guy ... BUT ... it's Christmas ... not “X-mas.” Christmas is the common and shortened word for the Christian religion’s “Christ’s Mass” or “mass for Christ” on his birthday. To replace Christ’s name with an “X” is frankly disrespectful, no matter which faith or what your beliefs are.


I hope you and your wife have a great time at the show ... and come home with something that gives you years of enjoyment. :cool:

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