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First day with my new M2


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Finally got the chance to take my M2 out to the local club for some wobble trap. The model I have is the M2 Field 12gauge, 26" barrel with the black synthetic ComforTech stock. (#11016). Shot 150 rounds of Federal TG12 7.5's. No jams, no fail to fire, not much difference in recoil than the Browning 425 Field 20 gauge that it replaced. Temps were in the 30's, wind ranging from calm to 20mph gusts. Clays jumping around a lot, but still managed decent rounds even though I hadn't shot anything at a club for over a year. This thing pretty much shoots where you point it. After reading posts about the problems a few Benelli owners have had I was a little concerned about my purchase, but I have to say that if this gun continues to perform as it did today I will be one happy camper. I'm planning on shooting a lot more wobble trap, 5 stand, and sporting clays this year and I feel confidant that the M2 is going to be up to the task and then some.

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Picked up a 24" M2 Camo/Comfortech 12g about three weeks ago. I've been busting crows with it and plan on using it for turkey this spring. So far it's been running like a champ.


One thing of note however, after cleaning it this weekend I noticed the modified Crio choke I've been using for crows has chrome flaking off near the leading edge of the choke. Not sure what to make of this with less than 75 rounds on it. Before anyone asks, no, it has been tight the whole time and at no time unscrewed or loosened to allow damage to occur to it.


Anyone else with any experience here?

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