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SBE II Owners (Are all Claims are right)


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Can you tell me about the performance of CrioChoke™ tubes which is available with sbeII? Is there any large difference of accuracy of Shots? Which Benelli is claiming?

They said that you’ll bag more birds with our newest technology CrioChoke™ tubes? Is CrioTech™ gets more pellets on target?

Are they true?


Is SBE II has minimum jerk after the Shot? Which improve the accuracy of the Gun? Benelli also claming that, is this true?


And let me know about the Gel Pad? Benelli is claming that Gel Pad is like a pillow on your shoulder? And because of Gel Pad you’ll face minimum jerk. Is this true?


What about the weight of SBE II? Is it light or Heavy?


Is SBE II is fulfilling all the claims of Benelli from all angle which they said on there web site in favor of SBE II?


Me ready to buy SBE II (Max-4) BL: 10101. With a pass-shooting choke for long range waterfowl pass shooting.


Any advice for me?

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1) Don't know about the Crio chokes - don't use them - I use Briley LM & M for waterfowl and Rhino for turkeys.


2) Having shot many Benellis, I do notice a drastic reduction in muzzle flip with the SBE II.


3) Gel pad fits well - had to buy the shorter LOP pad for heavy clothes. I installed Limbsavers on all previous Benellis, so I can't tell if the new Gel pad is any better or worse, I'd guess no worse, maybe a bit better.


4) It weighs what the catalog says it weighs.


5) Love my SBE II.


6) Buy the 10101 - sounds like a great gun for pass shooting - buy an extended choke tube though, modified from Briley or something in the .700-.705 range.


Buy it, you know you want it....


mudhen - CA

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All your questions will probably get different answers from different people. I own/have owned an SBE, SBE2, Legacy, Nova, Rem 870, Win SX, Ber AL391, Browning BPS. I was skeptical about the difference the comfortec system would make when I first got my SBE2, but after about 1200+ rounds between my SBE2, AL391, and Legacy... I can definately notice a difference(as far as percieved recoil-or jerk as you referred to it) at the range. I dont notice it in the field, at least not yet. I don't think you will shooting the large 3 & 3-1/2 inch magnums anyways. I don't ever notice the recoil when I'm hunting with any gun. My friend, who was introduced to shooting via my SBE2 and now owns a Beretta AL391, swears the SBE2 is softer shooting than his 391 - I don't see a large difference personally. The crio choke thing is hard to have an opinion on. I believe it is fine, but havent noticed a difference/advantage in how my gun patterns. The SBE2 definately is light, slim and swings fast. I find myself picking it up most often now when I go to the range. I really bought the SBE2 as a dependable waterfowl gun that I could use and not worry about it. It has been a pleasant surprise even after owning an original SBE. I love my Legacy, but I still find myself preferring to shoot the SBE2 even though they are so similar.


Much of what is stated by Benelli is true, but it is marketing at it's finest. All manufacturers make claims that put their product in the best light possible, why wouldnt they?!? I don't think you will be disappointed in an SBE2 as long as it is in your budget. It is a remarkable weapon and well made. I'm sure you would be happy with many other makes/models also as long as you buy to meet your needs/expectations.

The Benelli line up appeals to me because of: 1.The ease of breakdown/cleaning 2.The slim, light & fast swinging the reduced profile an inertia gun has 3.The quality & reliability 4.The range of loads the SBE2 can handle effectively

I ended up with the exact gun you are looking to buy. The new features are just a bonus.

Make a list of what your needs are and see how it measures up - Good luck! :cool:

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I have the M2 field with the comfort tech and crio system in 3".. It's light weight and swings great.

I have noticed a difference with the comfort tech shooting 3" turkeys loads, It does decrease the felt recoil. So well That my 12 year old son practiced with it this year for turkey season. He handled it very well..

The crio system I'm still learning about. I've tried to call benelli tech support to find out more about the crio barrells and choke set up for turkey hunting, but have not gotton through due to long hold time and large number of calls ahead of me ( I guess).. I was told there is a difference in the thread depth on the crio chokes and barrells?

If I get any more info from my phone call with tech support I will share it with you...

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