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Mag extension question.


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Hi guys.

Can you give my a little bit of help?

I just got my +2 mag extension for my Super Nova

and I did install it. But was not a very easy task , that long spring kept trying to escape from the mag.

Is there a easy way to do that?

Thanks. :confused:


[ 04-16-2006, 08:50 PM: Message edited by: gio ]

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Theres really no easy way. Its a pain in the butttt. Which you've figured out. I'd tell anyone to wear eye protection. That spring could get away from you and do some real damage to the eye's. Patience, focus, and do it properly. Otherwise you could install it and think everything is a o.k. Then you go to load and you can't add extra shells. This means the spring is kinked and you have to start at square 1. I've seen this problem many times. Usually the shooter thinks the ext. is "faulty" I just tell them that they are faulty and there spring is kinked! Start over bud. Disassemble, and have fun....

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