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will Carriercomp titanium Cerakote tube survive a heat gun application


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It seems to be very durable. I don't see any scratches on my carriercomp tube. They use it on RMJ tactical blades and I've beat mine to ****. It wears on the edges, but doesn't chip off. I used mine to get some idiot out of the truck of his car in the summer time.


Idiot locked his keys in the trunk. So he pulled the back seat out and tried to crawl through a hole through the sheet metal. He didn't fit, so he used pliers and bent the edges a little to widen it. He then forced himself through the hole and tried to find the keys in the dark. He was unsuccessful and the barbed edges of the sheet metal dug into his torso. He started panicing and screaming, which cut him up worse.


His friend got my attention and quickly figured out how screwed he was. He had been in the trunk for about 10 minutes already and it was 110 F outside. Pulling on him wasnt working and he was already bleeding pretty good. So I made the choice to pop his trunk lock with the point end of the tomahawk. Within 10 hits, I knocked out the lock and was able to pry he release open.


Once open, we were able to free him fairly easily. It was an older 80's car with no release tab inside. It was a beater type car anyway, so it wasn't like we were cutting open an expensive car.


And yes, alcohol did play a role. And yes, he said it was very loud. ;)


Blade damage was minimal. Just some large burs and scrapes. The finish scraped off the high spots. So yes, cherkote is tough stuff.

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