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M4 Online Dealer Purchase

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What's the usual state of a brand new M4 when purchased from most online dealers?

Assembled or not?

Is one way "better" than the other?


New inbox Benelli M4's comes disassembled - in a box per all Benelli's. Two basic assemblies, buttstock/receiver/mag tube + barrel + accessories.

Generally speaking, almost all shotguns come this way.

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If purchasing from an online store, I think asking for a "factory sealed" box is somewhat unreasonable. I don't know how all gunstores, do their business, so I won't speak for them. I've always moonlighted at smaller stores. I always confirm the S/N on the box, AND the firearm, AND the invoice from the distributor. To do that, one needs to break the seal.


I'm guessing a place like Dick's, Gander, Cabelas doesn't check each and every, but like I said, GUESSING on them.


If it still has gobs and GOBS of oozing oil, and that "new Benelli smell" you're good to go.





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I just received last week my M4 from Sportsman's Finest in Austin, TX and it came completely assembled (wrapped in bubble wrap) with the warranty card, manual and small oil bottle in the Benelli box.They placed the Benelli box in another box. M4 appears tobe brand spankin' new and I'm happy that I don;'t have to assemble it.

My only question which I hope to get answered in the moring is should it have come with a choke tool?

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These are shipped -- disassembled -- to the dealer in the factory box (as noted above).


Choke tool is required and included (choke should be removed from time to time for cleaning).


When I bought mine they opened the box, assembled it, let me fondle it while making my decision after which they asked me if I wanted it back in the box (which I did). They verified the serial number during that time.


-- Chuck

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