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SBEII and final strut choke combo


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Anyone use a final strut choke in there SBEII? what shells pattern the best with this choke for you? I have tried jelly head .660 , pure gold .670 , comp-n-choke .658 , and Indian Creek .665, all with H-13 and win.elite xtend range #6, 3" and#3.5", My very best average is 170 in a 10" circle with the win, elite xtend range.

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Call and talk to Rob at Gobbler Guns...he made the choke and shoots a SBE II. I have a Final Strut .655 in my M4 and it put 269 in a 10" circle @ 40 yards using 1.75oz 3" Hevi 13 #6's...that are really a blend of mostly #8's.

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I got a jelly head choke and I haven't found a load that it patterns well with. I am running an indian creek now and am getting 220+ in a 9.5" circle at 40.


I got it mint but for some stupid reason I always find myself tinkering with it to get it better. From what I have red online the federal flight controlled loads. (heavy and lead) should work quite well with the jelly head. Start with the cheaper ones of course.



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