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  1. Call and talk to Rob at Gobbler Guns...he made the choke and shoots a SBE II. I have a Final Strut .655 in my M4 and it put 269 in a 10" circle @ 40 yards using 1.75oz 3" Hevi 13 #6's...that are really a blend of mostly #8's.
  2. Using a Rob Roberts (Gobbler Guns) Final Strut in my Benelli.
  3. I too have a XXXFull, but got an additional 30 pellets in the 10" with a .655 Final Strut.
  4. This is a 40 yard shot. Test was performed at Gobbler Guns and test fired by Rob Roberts. His shop does the modifications for Benelli for their Performance Shop SBE II turkey guns.
  5. This is the test pattern from my M4.....shell tested was a Hevi 13 3" 1.75oz of 7.5 & 8 mixture Center circle is 20". Hope this answers your question.
  6. http://www.freedomfightertactical.com Fits/looks/works great!!
  7. Go to http://www.gobblerguns.com and look at pricing sheet for services offered. Less than $200 for the work performed and new .655 choke tube on my M4, but I only live 25 miles from the shop, so shipping was not involved. I purchased Hevi 13 shells from Mid-South Shooters Supply.
  8. It's coming.....saw a camo version yesterday, where my M4 was being modified/tested. I've never handled a Vinci before, so no comments from the peanut gallery.
  9. Deleted because it has come to my attention that the Hevi-Shot 13 used was not #6, but #8. Rounds are mis-loaded/marked. Sorry for this....was not my intention to mis-lead.
  10. While wanting to use my M4 for turkey this Spring, I was not sure it was capable of the range/pattern needed with the short barrel. Had a ported Comp-N-Choke XXXFull installed and used 3" Fiochhi, Remington and Federal 4 & 5 turkey loads with dismal results, so decided to take it to Rob Roberts at Gobble Guns. Rob lengthened the forcing cone and took it to his pattern testing fixture. Using 1 3/4oz Hevi-Shot 13 #6's, it smoked the 10" circle with 230 pellets at 40 yards. Rob swapped to one of his non ported Final Strut chokes and it gained an additional 30 pellets. I pick it up tomorr
  11. Freedom Fighter Tactical charging handle and full length magazine Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works forcing cone modification
  12. According to the Benelli website; Partnered with world-renowned gunsmiths like Briley Mfg and Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks. Rob (Gobbler Guns) does all the turkey guns and Briley does the rest. Guess we were both right!!
  13. You might consider contacting Rob Roberts at gobblerguns.com His company does the Benelli modifications for their Performance Shop SBE II Turkey Guns. Took my M4 to him last week for the "forcing cone" modification and to be patterned for the best choke/shell combination. The results are beyond belief...260 pellets in a 10" circle at 40 yards using 3" 1-3/4oz Hevi-Shot 13 with mixture of 7.5 & 8 shot loads using his choke.
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