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SBE II or Extrema 2?


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From everything I've read, seen and heard the Extrema2 is an excellant shotgun. That said, I'll take the ultra reliable Benelli Inertia System over any gas system, any day and under any circumstances. I've been shooting my HK/Benelli SBE since 1989 and still shoot it today, although not as much since I got my Vinci. I've never had a breakdown or failure that I wasn't able to correct on the spot...which was only once, a broken "clevis" pin which retains the shell extractor...I repaired it in about 10 minutes after I p/u the extractor spring and the extractor...was still able to use the unbroken portion of the clevis pin and continued shooting. It was finally replaced when I sent the gun into Benelli for replacement of all springs after 20 years. It operates as good now as it did in '89.


The ease of maintenance and the simplicity of the design along with the non-gas Inertia System is simply more reliable and better overall in my opinion. I have not shot an SBE ll but I have shot the Vinci and the M2 and the ComfortTech stock has certainly reduced the felt recoil over my wood stocked SBE.

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I would also choose the inertia system before anything else, my Benelli M2 just keeps shooting,and cleaning is very easy compared to a gas-operated system. I was during the winter time hunting goose in Norway ( and it is really cold by us in scandinavia ) i never had any problems. One of my friends gave up because of problems with his winchester sx3.



Good luck with what ever your choise might be


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