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Sidearmor side mount shell carrier shells get stuck.


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Update: I went out and bought some brand new ammo and it's nowhere near as tight. I think maybe the old ammo I was using was slightly swollen or something. The new stuff fits much better.



Just received mine and it's built very well. I'm having a problem getting the shells in and out though. The shells are so darn tight in the carrier. I'm not talking about where the ball bearing is. I'm talking about the overall fit of the shell in the groove. Do these things loosen up with use? I had to literally use a dowel to tap one out. I've tried several different brands of shells also.


Other than that, I love it!

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Okay, from what I can tell, the ammo was using was older stuff that has been loaded/unloaded from different guns over the last couple of years. It was different brands and some of it sat in the tube for an extended period of time. I'm thinking that the rounds have compressed slightly and that's why they are tight in the grooves. I guess since the shells are mostly plastic, being under spring pressure caused the expansion.


The new stuff I bought fits just fine and comes out fairly easily.

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