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  1. Both items have been mounted and sat if a safe for a few years. Price is net via PayPal. Will be shipped via USPS Priority mail with Insurance. CONUS+2 only please. Please research your local laws before buying. Buyer is responsible for checking their local laws to make sure it's legal where you live. If you are in CA or NY, please email or IM me before committing. Benelli M4 3 Position Telescoping Stock - $600 Surefire M80 Benelli M4 Forend - $300 Thanks for looking.
  2. So I am on pins and needles now. How did this play out? David http://www.gunbooth.com
  3. I have a gun classified website I put together about 2 months ago. In the two months it has been up, it has gotten 12 thousand unique visitors and over 25 thousand page views. I am a full time programmer and don't really have time to promote it as much as I would like. I am looking to trade it or sell it outright, but I only want to sell it to someone who truly loves gun and understands technology enough to run it and promote it properly. The site is www.gunbooth.com. I would sell it outright for $2,500 OBO or trade for something of equal value. The price includes the s
  4. I had the Dave's metal works on mine. Loved it.
  5. Saw the preview for next week's Top Shot on the History Channel. Looks like the shooting challenges on Tuesday's (08-23-2011 10pm EST) show will be with the Benelli M4.
  6. I guess the same way Ford is different from Chevy. Just trying to make an easy place for people to buy, sell and trade guns online. My goal is to make it more community like over time.
  7. Oh geez. Wife is going to have a hay day when she sees your comment. That's what she told me and I said they were targets.
  8. Hey guys. If you want to list gun stuff for sale this is something I've been working on. Could use some help working out the bugs. http://www.gunbooth.com I haven't officially finished it up, but need some savvy users to help me find bugs.
  9. dprichard


    Same here. Top knotch. You won't be disappointed.
  10. To fund a great deal on something I can't pass up.
  11. Mint and pretty sure I have the box lying around somewhere. Will post pics later tonight. $180 shipped PayPal gift or PayPal +4%.
  12. LNIB Aimpoint Micro T-1 with Larue LT661 low mount. Box and Aimpoint Tool are included. Perfect optic for your Benelli M4 . $575 shipped CONUS. Paypal as gift or Paypal plus 4%. Pics are below.
  13. LNIB Aimpoint Micro T-1 with Larue LT661 low mount. Perfect optic for your Benelli M4 . Says 660 but it's the low 661 mount $575 shipped CONUS. Paypal as gift or Paypal plus 4%. I will post pics tomorrow but I am sure you guys know what it looks like.
  14. Is this a pump and semi?
  15. Lmao Nice shotty!! Looking for a pump right now. Good inspiration!
  16. Has anyone received / installed their new hammer yet?
  17. Nevermind I found it. Now back to our regularly scheduled post. Sorry about the hijack. Beautiful set of M4's you got there!!!
  18. Where did you get the US Made hammer?
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