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  1. Consider yourself addicted. Welcome aboard
  2. That is probably a good observation.
  3. When considering those two loads I prefer the Winchester AA.
  4. Actually, LL Bean has always treated customers that way. Kudos to them.
  5. CCV 1974


    IC will probably be the better of the two.
  6. I can't tell how my front sight is attached, but thank you for asking. Because of your post I took a close look at both front and rear sights. I found the sight blade on my rear sight has worked loose. It will be easy to tighten, two small allen set screws. Does anyone know what size allen wrench is needed for those two small screws?
  7. My experience has been similar.
  8. If you must pick only one, Modified is probably the better choice.
  9. Because it is an "Intertia Driven" action, very little residue get into the action itself (unlike a gas gun). I personally think you could shoot 2K rounds through it without a concern for residue buildup. With that said, the gun will need lubricated on a regular basis. How often? YMMV
  10. Mine is still "factory" and I haven't had a single issue. It would just be easier to take apart and reassemble if the ring was retained somehow.
  11. That sounds like a great deal for someone.................
  12. That part of the design could be improved. I see this as a weakness in an otherwise outstanding shotgun.
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