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  1. If I may add, those pics were taken with my crappy ****** 3GS camera.
  2. What is your selling price?
  3. It's a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock. The cheek riser is an option on the Urbino stock. if you use the search function, I made a picture thread not too long ago on it. The sling I have is a plain 2 point Allen neoprene sling. The issue of a sling on a hd gun is debatable, but for my purposes I found the use of a sling necessary.
  4. I have a Nordic +2 mag extension. Assemble is relatively straight forward. The pg plays no part in installation of the Nordic Mag extension. And I do have a sling.
  5. JC808

    SuperNova & Nova

    The Nova's stock is molded to the receiver, making it impossible to change the stock out. Supernova's stock is independent of receiver making it interchangeable. The Supernova also comes with a ComforTech (regular) stock, Nova does not.
  6. Dude this was posted 1.5 years ago...
  7. I would also stay away tacticalshotgunner.com. I ordered a Mesa Tactical 6 shell holder from them, and waited for a little over a week for some type of response of shipment or something. No response, so I email them inquiring into my order, I wait a few days and still no response. I email them again, wait a few more days, and again no response. I decide to call to call them because maybe, just maybe their email is down. I called them twice in one day (during store hours) and got the answering machine/voicemail both times. 2nd time I left a message asking them if they could give me a call about the status of my order. Wait another 3-4 days and no call, no email. I was fed up with them so I called them back and (of course) got their answering machine. I left a message asking them to cancel my order and that I thought it was bad business and very rude to ignore my requests to check on the status of my order, once again no call back, no email. If I had just ordered through Midwayusa in the 1st place my order would have been sent and completed way before I decided to cancel with TS. In the very least, Midway would have had the decency to let me know they didn't have the item in stock. Sorry for the FRAT.
  8. Or put on rail on the top and get yourself a decent red dot.
  9. I bought most of the aftermarket components from Midwayusa. Great service and decent prices. I would NOT recommend Tacticalshotgunner.com. Terrible customer service. Stay away from them.
  10. I knew exactly what I wanted to get (aftermarket) before I even bought my Supernova.
  11. Nice gun KB! $219 for barrel and scope?
  12. Mesa 6 shot shell holder with Picatinny rail on Supernova:
  13. Sweet Bello. All I'm going to add to my current setup is tritium sights for the GRS. The GRS are pretty accurate at 50 yards w/slugs. But as it's my HD SG, I probably will not need to shoot it more than 20 feet. UNless I take my Supernova hunting.....hehe
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