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Franchi Bolt Handle Failure


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Be VERY careful if you are considering buying a Franchi I-12. I went through 4 bolt handles in five days on a Arkansas duck hunt? I was using 2 3/4" hevi-shot and the gun could not handle to compressions I guess. My gun is back at Benelli and they say they have fixed the problem..... Hopefully we will see how everything works out.


I have lost complete faith in the Franchi line and will be selling mine soon as it comes back from repair. Never going to deal with Franchi ever again! Buyer beware...

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What I want to know is how you found all those new bolt handles during your hunt, those usually arent easy to come by.


I carry three spare Browning Silver bolt handles with me after breaking the first one in 2007 or so. Haven't needed a second one yet :)


The problem with a Franky is that it's a Franky :D

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You are one lucky guy. I once had a Stoeger M2000, it threw bolt handles all the time. I tried like heck but the best I could do was get them to send me a replacment gun, Lord only knows I tried to get upgraded even if it meant money out of my pocket to get a better gun.


Good for you.

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After a ton of phone calls, Benelli upgraded me to a M2. Pretty pleased with the outcome.



Service like that doesn't get any better. You are one lucky son of a gun:D


I think I'm going to go buy me a new Franky and drill them with two tons of phone call complaints, and maybe they will upgrade me to a new Vinci:D You won't get a new M2 and cheaper than that. WOW!!! An M2 for the price of a Franki and a few phone calls?

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