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Sometimes you just get lucky


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:D I went to a gun show today and found a m4 extension and a hk Benelli recoil reducer for my new m4 that I bought today for 1349.00 yahoo ! I only paid 150 for the extension and the reducer ! I almost couldn't get the money out fast enough I still wonder if the guy knew what they are getting for them on ebay! life is good . :D :D :D 140i0yx.jpg
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Kewl!!!...Wish I could'a beat ya to that deal!!...

Hi5s to ya on the buy....I gave more for my last one...but still couldn't be more satisfied with my Benellis....

I've got two Remy Police mags (One is a 870P Max)..both with the surefire forearm s...& I still love shoot'n my Benellis' better...

Stay Safer!

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Originally posted by Remy:

Hey hk53,


Did you get those at the Expo Gun Show? I was going to go today, but I have some sort of bug so I decided to stay home. Did the guy you got your goodies from have any more?

Yes I did get them at the expo and no he did not have any more I would have bought all of them if he did !


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