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Vinci bead sight fell out


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So a friend and I were skeet shooting today and at some point we switch off and he says "Hey, is there something missing here?". It turns out the little silver bead sight that lines up with the front red one is gone. Upon close inspection, it looks like it unscrewed and fell out on the ground, which of course is now lost forever. Anyone have any idea how to replace this thing? I'm not sure what the official term for it is to try and search for it on Brownells. Thanks for any help. Here are 2 pictures to show which of the 2 I'm talking about.




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You can always call Benelli. Does it have it on the parts breakdown in your manual? The other thing you could do is take some drill bits and, using the shank end, see approximately what size the hole is. Then, see if your local hardware store had some brass rounds the same diameter and fashion one yourself. Should be a pretty easy fix.

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It is the "mid bead" sight that fell out. Contact Benelli customer service and I'm quite sure they would send you a replacement or you could take it to your local gunsmith and have them install a replacement.


check out Numerich part key:153A product#:1167610D Middle Sight Bead $16.05 - listed on the SBE schematic and it is the same part number(153A-itermediate sight)in my Vinci schematic. http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Products.aspx?catid=10326

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