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Supernova Rifled Slug Barrel?


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This is my first post on the benelli forums so sorry in advance if this question has been posted a thousand times ;)


I've been looking for a rifled slug barrel for my Supernova for deer and can't seem to find one anywhere.


I've heard Benelli doesn't make them anymore, but maybe I can get one special ordered?


What would I be paying for one of those? The ones that I've seen online were between 400-600$(ouch!) That's almost twice what I paid for the gun!


Also, I've been researching this quite extensively and have come across alot of talk on a barrel making company in Wisconsin called Badger Barrels. Any one have any insight on them?(pricing, service, quality)


Thanks alot, Trey.

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I actually just received a Badger slug barrel for my Super Nova field. The barrel is 24", fully rifled, and has a cantilevered scope mount (I prefer) instead of rifle sights. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but I have bore sighted the scope and have some Remington Accu-tip sabot slugs to sight it in with. Full report when I git er done. Until then here ya go. Cost was $219 and $20 to ship direct from Badger.





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WOW, thats really nice, thanks for the info, and that is really a great price! I love the cantilever mount on the barrel, that is just awesome!


I'm assuming that badger makes Supernova Barrels, how would I go about ordering one of these barrels? Do they accept paypal?


Also, I don't really want a scope on my gun, does the barrel come with sights already installed, or is that even possible?



Sorry for the long post response, I just woke up lol.


edit: nice ammo btw, I've been using that with a briley rifled choke with pretty good accuracy

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I called them earlier today. They said they don't offer the rifled sites anymore, only cantilever :(



Anyone have any reccommendtions on a good scope. I would say low power would be best.


I would prefer something along the lines of a red dot though because I do alot of driving but I also hunt in my Lone Wolf alot too so i want some range.


Not sure really what to do?

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How did you get in touch with Badger? I am calling them for last 2 weeks and nobody answers. I left one message and sent them an email and still nothing. Are they still in business? Maybe they took long Christmas break? Please let me know if you have any info.



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