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Wsm in r1


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I've never had an issue with mine. I think the argument is that the R1 doesn't really take advantage of the advantages of the WSM cartridge. I believe the size of the R1 in any chamber is the same. The 300 WSM R1 is the same size as the 300 WinMag, 30-06 etc. I think is also why the barrels are swappable. Would it be nice if the WSM R1 was shorter and lighter? Sure, but if you are going for a lightweight rifle then any of the auto loaders are probably out of the question. I bought my R1 because I have a Vinci and it handles 12 GA rounds like they are 410. I had been looking for hunting rifles in 308 but I came across the R1 in 300 WSM and figured with the recoil system it wouldn't be a big deal. I was right. I guess I have veered off topic from your question. I don't think there were any issues. Maybe they just weren't selling? I know you can get great deals on them right now.

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That's the reason companies drop products from their lineup.




Now as to why the 300WSM wasn't selling well in the Benelli R1 line-up? Well as mentioned before, the receiver is the same size and weight in the R1 line-up regardless of caliber, so their is no "short action" caliber benefit. All of the WSM cartridges had varying degree of feed problems (in all action types, not just the R1) due to the rebated rim design. The 300WSM has less case capacity than the 300 win magnum and has no where near the number of available factory loads. The 300WM is the clear winner in this platform.



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Looks like they dropped the 308 Win as well although it looks like you can still get the barrel. I guess the 308 doesn't really make sense in the R1 either since it already is a light recoil round. My guess is the 30-06 probably feels about the same as a 308 would in a similar size rifle.

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