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Urbino Stock Installation Questions


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Yeah, I did a search first but I didn't find the answer to the question I was looking for. I was pretty sure that I remember reading someone having similar issues, but after 10 minutes of the search function I decided I'll just ask again.


Firstly, when i removed the stock I needed to screw it off. However, when putting the urbino stock on it doesn't seem to thread in. Is this correct? Or am I making a mistake.


Secondly, the trigger group does not seem to fit back into the urbino stock. I put the old stock back on to see if I was doing it correctly and had no issues. Does anyone have any advice for putting the trigger group back in while using the urbino stock?

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It definitely is a tight fit, and there seems to be a gap between the trigger housing and the stock, is this normal? Now everything is tightly put back on and all the parts seem to be in working order, but there is just a small gap. I'll take a picture later

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Yes you can ! The restrictions are on Auto not pumps.


Ah, well I have an auto unfortunately... or is it fortunately... Well either way I'll take what I can get, and though I haven't got to test it yet; the Urbino feels nice when I shoulder it.


Also I've never actually seen or ridden in a Renault, I really just like the name though

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So you mean to say that even with 4 United States made parts changed from the italian parts it is still illegal to install a collapsible stock in California ?


yes. you coul dpermanantly pin it in a fixed position and that would be legal here in Kommiefornica.

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