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Little 2 part screw that holds the trigger group in on an m1014


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so a few years ago i stuck a sidesaddle on my m1014, strangely enough the side saddle replaced the trigger group pin on the receiver with a longer one. Fast forward those few years and i've taken off the side saddle only to realize i lost the original pin. bought a new one from brownells i think, but it's different. it's one piece and sticks out slightly from the receiver all ghetto lookin.


my question to you is if anyone knows where i can find the original 2-piece allen wrench screw, or if someone knows of a good replacement for it.



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I contacted benelliusa, they told me to go through midwayusa who couldn't get it, and brownells, which sent me the one piece screw with retainer ring.


looking at my manual, you're right, its called an axle bushing.


according to a parts list it says a retaining ring, spacer and spring plus axle bush go in that hole. i have the feeling i'm missing the spacer and spring meaning my bushing sticks out too far on the breech side.


i have the axle bushing sitting too deep in the hole with the retainer ring holding it in on the outside of the hole. I'm pretty sure i need the spacer and spring. then i can reassemble the axle correctly.


i realize now, that the two piece screw was the retarded side saddle one. and i'm just missing the spacer and spring.


any info on what to ask brownells for would be greatly appreciated. i've never had good luck finding stuff on their site.



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You need parts #51, 52, 53, 54


51 -- Retaining Spring



52 -- Retaining Spacer



53 -- Retaining Ring (Snap Ring)



54 -- Axle Bushing (Trigger group pin itself)



So you need part #51 and #52.


Do you have the snap ring to reassemble everything with?


Hope this helps.

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Awesome! this is exactly what i needed. Thank you Stranger. seeing my m1014 not at 100% always makes me sad. I'm glad i now have the knowledge needed to get her back to spec.


Thanks again!

That is what they pay him for (I hope someone is paying StrangerDanger) a good site to reference is benelli.it the Italian website. There is an American flag in the top left corner that will translate it to English (do not use a browser translater it just gums stuff up) it has all the manuals, diagrams and hot nakid Italian chicks modeling the guns.



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