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info about mat black finish on Nova


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Hi guys , I had a Rem 870 super magum taht was mat black..... But when I First took the gun out to go to duck hunt.... The gun just rust all over... it turn from black to orange in about 30 minute....


I wanna know if I buy a nova pump gun It will do the same or the finish is better....

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Any gun will rust if not properly cared for.

I would answer in this way.

If you treat the Nova the same way you did the 870, then it will rust.


Matte black finishes are somwhat porous and the uneven surfaces trap protective oils or they trap moisture... your choice.


Use Hoppes Elite, BreakFree, or any other quality CLP and you won't have a problem.


Fail to care for the finish and it will definitely rust.

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I know already about gun care....


I own a tikka Stainless and I put some oil on it just in case it would rust....


So my 870 exp. had alredry a lot of oil on it when It rusted... I can tell you it was almost greasssy...


My stuff was G96 gun treatment . I use it for a long time on all my guns and no one have ever rusted

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Do you own any other matte black finished guns?

In my opinion, they are more subject to serious corrosion issues than are blued finishes.


The elegant fact is that rust is a simple chemical process borught on by the combination of moisture and oxygen.


Surface rust can occur within minutes, but the only way a finish can rust to the point that it's a problem is if the gun goes for an extended period without proper cleaning and lubrication.


The grease can also trap moisutre between itself and the finish if the surface isn't properly cleaned before it is applied.

This can actually expedite corrosion.

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I have a 9mm Springfield XD that is matte black and the slide will rust if I look at it crosseyed. The matte black finish is not as complete as glossy blue and the type of metal under the blue will also play a factor. Some are more prone to rust than others.


I found a neglected Mossberg barrel in the closet when I was moving and it was covered with dust and spiderwebs and only a couple of splotches of rust. I picked up a cold blue at the gunshow that doesn't smell like rotted possum sweatsocks like "normal" blue and it removes the rust without damage to the surrounding blue when applied with 0000 steel wool. Blends in and is not splotchy. The product is Van's Gun Blue. The website is Vans.

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