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M2 choke/ammo recommendations


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I have always shot modified out of my SBE II, until recently. All around, I believe modified is the best way to go. However, if you're shooting decoying birds and shooting black cloud, or especially the High Density, expensive loads, you should go with Improved Cylinder. In my experience, those loads are super tight patterns anyways, and modified is just too tight for shots inside the 25 yard range. Like I said, if you may have a variety of shots, I'd stick with modified because you can kill em close (although you may tear em apart depending on your load) and still reach out and touch em if you have to. I did crack my modified cryo tube last year, and it cracked from one end to the other..... Benelli replaced it, but they didn't seem too surprised. Guy told me that the higher pressure loads, ie Black Cloud, Hypersonic, and some of the HD stuff put a lot of stress on the modified tube when it constricts the load. Just be sure and take the tube out from time to time and inspect it for cracks. In the end, it comes down to what your gun likes, so try different set ups and good luck this season!

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