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Benelli M2


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Well.. I looked at a Nova last weekend and there was something about it I didnt like. So now I am saving for a Benelli M2 Field in Advantage Timber HD. with a 26 in. barrel. Both my dad and myself are planning on buying one. We both like the Timber HD with the 26 in barrel. So thats what we are gonna get. I am saving up for it. I cant wait till we get our M2s. Any comments or reveiws on this Gun?? I have heard alot of great stuff about them.

I just cant wait till my dad and I get our guns. Dad said that if he gets one, The M2 in Adavantage Timber HD. 26 in barrelIs the one he will get. I know that I am getting the M2 with 26in. barrel in Advantage Timber HD. For sure. I just have to come up with the money.



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I think that you will really enjoy that gun.


I bought one last August and it has been a pleasure to shoot. Although mine has a 28 inch barell and the wood stock.


This gun was bought for hunting and has kept me in pheasant all season. Did not do any ducks or geese though. It has been 30 years since my last hunt and wanted to start back into it rather easily.


Can't wait till upland bird season starts up again. Next season I might add a goose hunt or 2 along with the possibility of gettign some ducks as well. We have some fairly good Snow Geese populations out here.


I also shoot between 2 to 4 rounds of either 16 yard trap or 5 Stand with it twice a week and it has never let me down. The only other guns that I ave seen that operate this reliably are O/U's. That works out to about 3000 or more rounds with no problems. I am going out with a group from the local gun club and shout my first round of sporting clays this week end.


So treat it with lots of loving care by using it for what it was meant for and you will have a good gun that should last you a lifetime.


Mike :D :D :D :D

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