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gunk in my M4 barrel


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i'm relatively new to the world of shotguns, so i still have a lot to learn. although it may not be strictly necessary to keep the M4's barrel "clean as a whistle", i like to keep all of my guns well maintained (it's a hobby... gives me something to do when i'm bored).


here's the issue i'm having. i've been buying lots of cheap shells at walmart (federal 7 1/2 shot "multi-purpose load") to use for training and learning. works great in both my remington 870P and my M4. however, after shooting a couple hundred shells there's quite a bit of soot and grime so i like to give the M4 the once over. the problem is that the inside of the barrel seems to have quite a bit of gunk (i'm assuming it's plastic reside from the wads) all over the inside of the barrel. okay. no big deal. just clean it. but it is very difficult to remove. i soak patches with Hoppe's No. 9 solvent and slather the inside of the barrel and let it soak for a bit. then i soak a brass bore brush in No.9 and run it through the barrel several times. then i run a jag through with some clean patches and take a peak down the barrel expecting to see things "clean as a whistle", but it's not. still quite a bit of gunk scattered around the length of the barrel. i even nuked it with gun scrubber (soaked patches in gun scrubber and run them slowly through the barrel so there is plenty of gun scrubber inside the barrel) and then used the bore brush again (soaked in gun scrubber). then i run some clean patches through again. it still has lots of gunk caked on here and there. very frustrating. same thing happens with my 870P.


i have some questions:


what am i doing wrong as far as cleaning the plastic wad gunk out of the barrel? is there a more appropriate solvent? or more appropriate cleaning tools and/or methods?


i enjoy cleaning my guns, but i don't like struggling with the damn wad gunk. what can i do to avoid this issue to begin with? i'll gladly stop using the cheap walmart shells if that will solve the problem.


does everybody get this same wad gunk in their barrels? if not, how do you avoid this? if it's related to the cheap shells, then please tell me what kind of shells to use so i can avoid this headache in the future :)


thanks for your help. i appreciate it.

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I had this phenomenom once with my Remington 870 marine magnum. The 12 ga. barrel inside was choked down to a 16 ga. with plastic and lead after shooting about 100 rounds of federal power shok slugs through it.


The only thing to do was to go the hard way by using a bronse brush with hoppes 9 solvent and rock`n roll a few hundred times with the cleaning rod until the gunk was gone and the barrel inside mirror clean.


I suggest you can use a thin layer of a special military spec gunoil in your barrel to prevent plastic and lead to build up the bore.


It`s the super 1 universal gun oil. Here is the link.


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