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M1 super 90 12g in camo 28 in barrel


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Hey guys. Got a friend who is selling his M1 super 90 and im not to familiar with it. couple of things.


1) Is this only a tactical gun or can i use it for hunting too for waterfowl and upland birds? It is in camo as stated in title.

2) Does it have the inertia system to reduce recoil?

3) only jammed once on him and he said it was the mechanism that brings the new shell in to the barrel where when it moves foward it rotates, the grooves didnt match up with the ones on gun so it didnt fire. Other than that it hasnt given any issues. Hes fired maybe about 2-300 rounds. Hes letting me use it to try it out now.

4) SHould i try it out with 2 3/4 shells first to test the action and everything for jams?

5) can i get the new gel pads for it that comes on the new ones?


Thanks guys. This will be my first automatic gun.Ive used a 20g pump for years and im passing it down to my son to learn and i need to get me another shotgun but trying to be cost effective. Anyway, any info on the gun will help. What would be a good offer $ for him for this gun?




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I cant answer all of your questions but having just returned an M1 Super 90 to a gun shop that I bought it from due to cycling problems, I can say to keep a wary eye out...mine would NOT cycle more than one 2 3/4 shell unless I had it planted so hard into my shoulder that I could never track a bird comfortably, thereby making it useless for hunting. I promptly paid the difference on a brand new M2 Field and dont regret it for a second....Night and Day difference. That being said, yes, it does have the inertia system (and it a semi-auto, not auto, but I think thats what you meant)...I dont know about the gel pads the stock because the newer "comfort-stock" set up is a whole "system" of parts if you will and I cant say the gel pad alone could be popped onto the back of the M1 stock....the other tough part about the M1 is it has the ability to be "ghost loaded" so even with a 3 shell plug in, you could drop on more on top of the elevator and essentially have a 4th shell in there...The game wardens are fully aware of this and will check you on it so you need a longer plug and then, sadly, hafta put one in the chamber, one in the tube and the 2nd shell in limbo on top of the elevator without engaging it....its a royal PIA...The M2 has no problems like that. So basically, its a fine shotgun but they seem to have cycling issues and would probably be a better tactical gun. For the right price, it may still be worth it tho.


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la1cajun It doesn't sound as if it is in a tactical configuration...I'd suspect that it is just a normal Benelli M1 super 90 .

As for the reliability...0ne misfire...there can be many man caused misfires and failures to eject. I learned through experience to always let the bolt close with the bolt button, never hand close the bolt...the bolt head must rotate & seat properly for the gun to function properly...it sounds as if the gun really doesn't have any issues...

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Yeah...no hand grip or anything..just looks like a regular ole shotgun. Just wanted some feed back on the gun and make sure it is not one that has a history of issues. Most of the reviews have been great. I called benelli and gave them the serial number and everything is appropriate. correct name, shoots 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells, camo. Seems good. But like i said, this will be my first automatic and if everyones views seem good with the gun and it shoots well when i go to the range then i may be good to getting a steal on a benelli :). Anyway, keep the views of this particular gun coming so I can get as much info as possible and i appreciate it. Also benelli said they would back this gun if anything was wrong with it pertaining to its function as long as its manufacture type thing and not human error problem of abuse. HAve a good one guys.



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I have an M1S90 and can say I love it, I use it for practical shotgun competitions and I've on had this gun fail on me once. It was totally my fault, I got lazy shouldering it. I run 67mm carts but have also used 70mm, I tend to stick with 32g loads and this works great for dropping the steels, poppers & frangible targets.


It'll run with 26g as well but really doesn't like any lower, I have kept it as solid stock, because I have heard the nightmares people have had one pistol grips.


I have also used this weapon for skeet/clay and it worked reall well.


I love my M1S90, it's 12g and as a very short female shooter it's given me no problems at all. I also have a kickeez butt on it which works really well.


Good luck.




London, United Kingdom

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