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HELP !!!!


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So here i am taking my R1 30-06 apart yes i have done it three times before but this time this strange ring popped out i am going hunting tomorrow and need to find where it goes it fell out when i removed the upper from the lower assembly for a basic cleaning heres a pic [ATTACH=CONFIG]970[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]971[/ATTACH]

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Ok, now I don't know what to say! I was thinking that it must be a smaller part than that, but w/ a quarter in the picture for perspective....


I just disassembled my rifle again (I have two R1's have had them apart many, many times...), spent 5-10 minutes looking over the rifle and looking at the parts diagrams. I don't see where that part could have come from the R1, it's definitely not on the parts list and there are a limited number of places in the rifle where a part of that size and shape could be and it's not there on my rifle.


Which leads me to.... Are you sure that came out of your rifle? Maybe it was on the bench, unseen and got knocked during disassembly leading you to believe it fell out?


Have you attempted to put the rifle together w/o it? Does everything appear to function properly?



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I have assembled it and it seams to work fine.I was sitting on my bench chair facing away from it when i pulled the barrel i heard something hit the floor about 2 ft in front of me when i looked that ring was on the floor i think it might have come out of where the piston engages the gas exit port on the barrel it seems to fit in that tube here are some pics[ATTACH=CONFIG]980[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]981[/ATTACH]

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When I saw where you were planning on sticking that ring I thought, "NO". Disassembled my rifle again to take pictures to show you were wrong and what do you think I found...






There it is, apparently it is a reinforcement for where the hot gasses are bed from the barrel - the gap in the ring is should be oriented about 180deg different than shown in your pic.


I learned something new for sure! I don't understand how it came out, hope it's not too difficult to put back in place. Please let us know.



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Damn i hate this forum - I posted this morning, said it needed mod approval to post. I assumed it would be up shortly...


One more try, this time using the jacked up image attachment that this forum approves of:


The piece goes where you think it does, 180deg different rotation then what you're showing.



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I had the same issue with my R1 in .30-06. That part is from the gas cylinder below the barrel. I contacted Benelli and had to send in the entire rifle. That is not a user repairable or replaceable part. I received it back today and the new gas piston and sleeve were installed. Kudos to the gunsmith "Rene". They have changed and re-designed these parts.


My suggestion is to contact Benelli asap and have them assess the situation. I absolutely would not fire the rifle until it is confirmed that everything is ok. Safety first. Semi-auto gas systems are very complex. If there is a problem reliability and gun damage could result... or worse. The R1 is too nice and expensive to take the chance.


Hope this helps.



"Keep the bore shiny and your powder dry"

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