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I am a very happy camper today! Called Rogers Sporting Goods to order my Christmas present today :)

Santa is bringing me a 6pk of Dakota Decoy x-treme

Canada geese floaters and a 12pk of DD x-treme Mallard floaters.


Now can someone please recommend what to buy to set them up in the water with for easy gathering?

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They really need to be kept in slotted bags to protect your investment.

I like tanglefree or 300 lb monofilament with keelgrabber J weights and stretch cords.

I usually drill the back corner of the J anchors and add a short price of monfilament to use as a grab handle with heavy gloves and in icy conditions.

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I got my decoys from Rogers out of Kansas yesterday.. boy that was fast service lol These decoys sure have the wow factor.. lol very nice. Now I need all the goodies to set them up :) I plan on picking up a few calls here locally... So I can start practicing for next yr :)

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Ok I have some questions about what the decoy bags are made of... Are they canvas or some type of mesh screen like what is on patio furniture?? I am concerned about mildew and such.... I would really want something like mess which would speed up drying time with air flow. I plan on hanging them from the ceiling of a gambrel shed for storage. :)

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I have 4 pack bags for my bigfoots they are made of pvc coated nylon.

Never had a problem with mildew. They dry overnight in the garage.


I have these with zippered lids so I can pack them with bases attached.......




but I couldn`t get her order form to work just now and if you google search looks like she`s been having some troubles/terrible reviews? :(

Too bad, best bags out there imo.


I had no problems with my orders, but that was a few years ago.

I bought her bags as I could afford them and chose hers because the slot size is 11x16x26

They have been awsome bags! I did punch holes in the bottom so they could drain.


Measure your dekes and check the slot sizes on the bags before you order them.

I like the Rogers ones with the drawstring cover.

Looks like they have 11x18x23 slots on the "bigfoot" bags




I think if you put them in a mesh type duck decoy bag they`re going to get thrashed pretty quick.

I remember some bags had mesh bottoms when I was researching but that wouldn`t work for me they`d be destroyed in no time.


Good luck those are some nice decoys!

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