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Benelli M4 Recoil Tube Reinstall


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I've swapped recoil tubes on my M4. My 11703 had the Democrat version of the recoil tube, so I replaced it with a 3 position recoil tube that I received from Numrich Arms.


First, notice that the recoil tube will screw in much further than needed. When screwing it in, the face of the recoil tube should be flush with the inside of the receiver. If you screw the recoil tube in too deep, you will not be able to attach the pistol grip portion of the stock since it attaches via the theads next to the large lock nut. If it is seated too deeply, the threads will be too far inward to mate with the pistol grip.


Once it is seated flush, install the tail piece of the collapsible stock onto the recoil tube. Collapse the stock completely, and lock it in the closed position. The comb of the stock will act as an index point. You want the comb of the stock to point directly to the middle of the rear sight. As you twist the collapsible stock, you should be able to turn the recoil tube. The lock nut is what retains the recoil tube in the indexed location. If it won't turn by hand, use a 3/4 open ended wrench on the flat spots of the recoil tube.


Blue or red locktite should be used to secure the recoil tube to the receiver. Remove the stock and thread the lock nut onto the recoil tube. Be careful that you do not move the recoil tube from the position you determined. You can use a pen or a piece of soap stone to mark the recoil tube/receiver with a witness line.


Apply locktite to the locknut as well. Red would be best, blue will work though. Use a large closed wrench to tighten the locknut. I forget the exact size. I believe it is a metric nut, but a standard size will work. I think it is a 26mm or 28mm. I do not have a torque specification. On a 12" wrench, I applied torque with two hands. I didn't use all of my strength though. My concern was that I might accidentally twist the aluminum receiver.


I padded a vice, and secured it to the area of the receiver below the rear sight. I kept the recoil tube horizontal, so the receiver was pointed downward in the vice. This made it easier to work on.


Install the pistol grip portion of the collapsible stock. Make sure the pistol grip interfaces witth the threadss and it firmly seats against the receiver. Reinstall the collapsible stock's tail section and collapse it completely. Make certain that the comb of the stock still points to the middle of the rear sight housing.


Give the locktite at least 24 hours before you plan to shoot it.


Hope this helps. Not many have done this job. Luckily, most don't have to.

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