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Hey, all, AWESOME! deal on very low round-count M4S90 w/Kip's Ti tube and more! $1475


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For another $50 I will throw in one of Kip's T1/A2 bold handles. All payment is USPS MO and must be mailed overnight because of my knee-jerk reaction to what will be a welch from the last "buyer" in roughly 12 more hours. Even considering your cost to overnight payment to me, it's still an absurd deal!


All details in link:




Get in line in case this guy welches by mid-day tomorrow. (very likely, he has not even logged on to the site since Nov 2).

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Tried to send a couple PMs, but I don't see anything in my sent box. Is there a required number of posts before you can send PMs? If you PM me, I will respond direct to an email address. Otherwise, I'm not sure how I can get a message to you.


I'm sure I've sent PMs in the past. It's odd. Technology is a wonderful thing, until it doesn't work. Oh, well.

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what is $pf? and the ar15.com guy, whats his benelli forum name? ill pm for it. thats the best price ive seen for an m4 in a long while.


I do not know if the guy on the AR15.com forum has a Benelli forum SN, but his AR15.com name was "scroungersix" and I came across that SN on other forums with the same MO, long-time member, a few posts (like less than 50 over 5+ years), mainly in the for-sale sections, and on one other forum he did the EXACT same thing he did to me with a rifle "purchase".


SPF=Sold Pending Funds. Meaning that I have a committed buyer who has sent money, and all that is left is to collect, cash out, and ship them the weapon. In this case, the person over-nighted the money and coordinated with an FFL dealer, who I have already shipped to. For some reason funds don't arrive or aren't straight, I just call the FFL dealer and it becomes a legal issue. I feel very protected, and I wanted the buyer to have the shotgun before the weekend. I would have appreciated the same, and his communication was very solid.


In contrast, this "scroungersix" never sent me his FFL info.


The current buyer, actually called his FFL, set the deal up (I called behind him and spoke with FFL and they knew exactly what he was buying at just the mention of his first name), called me, discussed everything with me, etc. Buyer does not know I have already shipped the shotgun, they believe I am shipping it after the check arrives tomorrow, so it's not like they planned on the cross-shipping, but I treat good people well. People who have done business with me in the past know this and return the favor.

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