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R1 in 308


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Benelli dropped all the short action cartridges in the the R1 platform. The R1 is a long action platform, chambering in a short action platform doesn't provide any benefit over a long action counter part as the rifle will not be any shorter or lighter. I cannot see any benefit to purchasing an R1 in 308 over 30-06 - the 30-06 will weigh the same, be the same length and have very soft recoil while the additional powder capacity will push the chosen bullets slightly faster. Additionally, cheap, accurate bulk ammunition is readily available for the 30-06 just like the 308.


As to why they dropped them, I can only speculate but I would assume it's the #1 reason in situations like this - they didn't sell very well....



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Thanks Canazes9 I see, I understand why they stopped making them.


tucker301, what reliability issues have you had with ayour R1? I have the .338 WM R1 and have had no issues with over 200 rounds thru it, even with 20 rounds at -37f. Not one problem other then the safety button was stiff and loud at the cold temps. Solved the stiff problem, but cant seem to get the safety to quiet down.

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